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The Secret Alliance

In Cosmic Era (CE) 72, a radical black-ops wing of the Earth Alliance, was secretly attempting to enhance and improve the Phase-shift armor initially developed by Morgenroete, Inc. for the Gundams. Those experiments were eventually discovered and attempts were made to halt the experiment. However, in doing so, there was a massive accident resulting in the destruction of the facility. An immediate seal was placed on the incident and a cover story quickly fabricated. The Phase-Shift experiments were officially declared a disaster, setting back the Federation's secret Mobile Suit technology development by nearly 6 months. In the destruction no one noticed the disappearance of one of the experimental generators -- what was to be dubbed a Shift-Phase Gate Generator or just Shift-Phase.

The Shift-Phase Generator could create a field which altered the fabric of reality within a defined area creating what was essentially a gateway to another world. It allowed for repeated two-way travel as long as the generator was on and there was a corresponding hook/anchor on the other side. The Shift-Phase Gate lead to a place dubbed After Earth, based on the calendar system adopted by the people. It was a Blue Mother Earth without a single Co-ordinator abomination - a paradise by any definition of the Blue Cosmos tenets.

It was After Colony (AC) 196. the United Earth Sphere Alliance was in the process of dismantling its advanced mobile suit programs after a devastating war between the earth and its space colonies. Yet there was a dark movement gathering strength in secret, the Blue Cosmos forged an alliance with the Barton Foundation. Now, nearly a year later, the secret alliance is about to bear fruit.

The Gundam Wing side of the universe is set in AC 196, somewhere during the events of the Blind Target Manga leading up to just before the Endless Waltz OVA/Movie.

The Gundam Seed Destiny side of the universe is set near the beginning of Gundam Seed Destiny in CE 73. Starting with Minerva leaving Orb. after the events of episode 9.

The existance of the Shift-Phase Gate is known only by the highest members of the Earth Military on the Cosmic Era Side and Lord Jibril of the Blue Cosmos. The only hints on the After Colony Side have been the mysterious loss of shuttles containing valuable salvage and other parts - believed to be some act of piracy although no trace of the shuttles are found.

With the hostilites in the Cosmic Era flaring back to life after the failed attempt to prevent parts of Junius 7 from falling into the Earth. It initial start of conflicts revealed the unpleasant realization that ZAFT still posesses Genesis Technology - Wtih the limited ability of Neturon Jammer Cancellers for tactical nukes, the Blue Cosmos is set to reel out their mysteriously advanced line of mobile suits.

RP is currently concentrated on the Minerva on the Cosmic Era side. Limited RP in Orb.

Rather than rehash all the information that can be easily found on other sites, we highly reccomend that people look up the information on such sites as GundamOfficial.

Due to the rather scant details offered by the official Gundam site for Gundam Wing. A more comprehensive one has been provided. Gundam Wing Timeline