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The cast will be from both gundam serises provided they're alive at the starting point of out continuity. This would mean that there will be NO Nichol Almafi or Mwuu La Fraga. By the same token there should be no Treize Khurshenada.

Presumably, if a character can make it to the Shift-Phase Gate, they are able to jump to the other side. Alhough given how heavily guarded it is, it'd probably take a large force to pull it off. Or someone very good.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of characters. If a character is not listed (and still alive at the point the series converge) please don't hesitate to log in and ask Libra if the character can be applied for. Certain NPC's like Relena, MAY be open for application if the right person comes along so, it never hurts to check with Libra first to see if he'll consider opening that character.

However, please consider that we are trying to concentrate cast on the Minerva and the Archangel for now. Hopefully the OMNI faction will form soon too.

Gundam Seed Universe
Feature Status/Type Name Faction
[NPC] Durandal, Gilbert ZAFT
[NPC] Jibril, Lord Blue Cosmos
Filled Major Asuka, Shin ZAFT
Filled Major Athha, Cagalli Yula Archangel
Filled Major Burrel, Rey Za ZAFT
Filled Major Hawke, Lunamaria ZAFT
Filled Major Loussier, Stellar OMNI
[OPEN] Major Neider, Auel OMNI
[OPEN] Major Oakley, Sting OMNI
[OPEN] Major Roanoke, Neo OMNI
Filled Major Zala, Aslan (Alex Dino) ZAFT
Filled Minor Campbell, Meer (Mia/Fake Lacus) ZAFT
Filled Minor Clyne, Lacus Archangel
Filled Minor Elsman, Deakka ZAFT
Filled Minor Gladys, Talia ZAFT
Filled Minor Hahnenfus, Shiho ZAFT
Filled Minor Hawke, Meyrin ZAFT
[OPEN] Minor Haww, Miriallia Orb
Filled Minor Jule, Yzak ZAFT
Filled Minor Ramias, Murrue Archangel
[OPEN/NPC] Minor Trine, Arthur ZAFT
Filled Minor Yamato, Kira Archangel
Filled Minor Westenfluss, Haine ZAFT
Filled Minor Waltfield, Andy Archangel
[OPEN] Support Abes, Mad ZAFT
[OPEN] Support Argyle, Ssigh Orb
[OPEN] Support Chandra II, Darida Rolaha Archangel
[OPEN] Support Chen, Jian Yi ZAFT
Filled Support Dupre, Vino ZAFT
[OPEN] Support Heim,Burt ZAFT
[OPEN] Support Kent, Youlan ZAFT
[OPEN] Support Lee, Ian OMNI
[OPEN] Support Murdoch, Kojiro Archangel
[OPEN] Support Neumann, Arnold Archangel
[OPEN] Support Yardbirds, Malik ZAFT
Original Adjanaya, Visolela ZAFT
Original Molann, Randall Archangel

Gundam Wing Universe
Feature Status/Type Name Faction
[NPC] Barton, Dekim Mariemeia
[NPC] Barton, Mariemeia Mariemeia
[NPC] Peacecraft, Relena Independant
[OPEN] Major Barton, Trowa Independant
Filled Major Chang, Wufei Mariemeia
Filled Major Maxwell, Duo Independant
Filled Major Merquise, Zechs Preventer
Filled Major Winner, Quatre Raberba Independant
Filled Major Yuy, Heero ZAFT
[OPEN] Minor Noin, Lucrezia Preventer
[OPEN] Minor Po, Sally Preventer
[OPEN] Minor Une, Lady Preventer
Original Callahan, Kara Sweeper/Archangel