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If you like the sound of Destiny's Waltz and would like to apply for a character so you can play too, please fill out the following and email it to:

Please place in the subject field: Destiny's Waltz Character Application - (character name). Failure to do so may result in your email being accidentally tossed out as junk-mail.

There is not a minimum size limit on this application, just copy the application into your email program and fill in the fields. Keep in mind, the more detail you can provide us about your character, the better your chances are of getting him or her!

// Begin Application
Part I - OOC Information

Your Name:

E-mail address:

Characters Played Elsemu:(Optional):

Is anyone on the MU* sponsoring you?

Your age? (Please answer honestly and no one gets hurt):

Part II - IC Information

Character you are applying for:

Desired Password:

Character Position:

Character Age/Birthdate:

Character Psyche: (Please describe your character's personality, motivations, hopes and dreams - try to list ersonality aspects in paragraph format. List at lest 5 traits.)

Character Equipment/Resources: (What does your character have access to? Are they rich? Middle class? Dirt poor? Political connections? Political Figure?)

Does your character have any special abilities? (Beyond what a natural human would have):

Character Description: (Your character's physical appearance)

Character History: (The More Detail, The Better! )

Character applications deemed incomplete due to a lack of available information may be called in for a character roleplay test - this is a situation where you will RP as the character in a preset scenario.

Part IV - Miscellaneous

What is your knowledge of the Gundam W world?

What is your knowledge of Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny?

How much time per week can you commit to the game?

Difference Between Monkswood And Wolfbane: (Just kidding - checking to see if you're paying attention)

Disclaimer: Please place an X below if have read and agree to our acceptable use policy and rules of gameplay. If you have finished this application and have not read this, please do so before 'signing' and submitting.

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// End Application