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You are allowed the following:

1 Major Feature and 1 Minor Feature You may also have up to 3 other characters - any mix of Support, Incidental and Originals).Additional characters (non-Major Feature) will be granted at the application wizard's discretion, and provided you don't neglect any characters. When in doubt ask!

Major and Minor Features have a strong chance of shifting (especially in Gundam Seed Destiny). Please check with the application wizard if you are in the process of obtaining a second Major/Minor feature to see if #1) Your current character qualifies as a major or minor, and #2) If the character you want qualifies as a major or minor.

Please wait at least one month in between requesting for characters, so that you give a certain amount of adjustment period for each character you play. When selecting alternate characters, please try to select characters from different factions to RP in although it's not mandatory. It'd just be nice to have minor characters filling in the world for occasional RP. For example: If you took Kira (Gundam Seed Cast), it would be nice if you say.... took Katherine (Gundam W Cast) who is more of a supporting character. Please check to see that the character is NOT filled. Do not apply for any characters listed as NPC.

Major Feature

A major feature is considered to be a character who has a very siginificant role in that particular continuum. (Example: ANY Gundam pilot, Relena Peacecraft, Lacus Klein.)

Minor Feature

Minor features are characters that have a recurring role and have the potential to impact the series. (Example: Any frequently recurring character - Katherine, Hirde, Captain Talia, Lunamaria Hawke, Kira Yamato (for now) et al)

Support Character

Support Characters are characters that have a recurring role in either series but do not heavily impact the series. They are typically characters that support the Major Features. (Example: Bridge or Mechanics Crew - Vino Dupre, Arthur Trine)

Incidental Characters

Typically One-shot characters. These kinds of characters can be spoofed as well. (Example: Kira's Mother, Fllay's Father, Rusty)

Crossover Characters

No crossovers! No characters from other anime/manga/games! (Well unless they're editted to fit the continuity). The characters would have to conform to either Gundam W or Gundam Seed Destiny.

Idle Timeouts

We realize that real life has a way of biting you in the arse at the most inopportune of times. We do ask that if you are accepted to the game that you use your character. If for some reason that you do not connect your character for whatever reason for 30 days, you will receive an email from us nudging you as to your absence. Plese be as honest as possible and let us know when you'll be back. If we do not receive a response, we can only assume that you do not want to be on the game anymore and we will be very sad and open that character back up for application.


This is not to say that character are forever locked in their beliefs, but changes in attitudes of the characters should be credible. Yzak shouldn't suddenly decide to elope with a Natural, Sally shouldn't run off with Noin - that kind of thing.


Some people do lie about their ages so we want to avoid hearing about adults in inappropriate scenes with minors. So please don't do it - or at least have the good taste to do it in private where no one can see it.

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